The aristocratic heritage of the Lapa neighborhood

Discover the history of the magnificent palace at Rua do Quelhas


The Radio Palace is a mansion of the end of the 19th century, located at Rua do Quelhas, in Lapa, that witnessed the birth of radio in Portugal in 1935, namely the creation of the National Broadcaster, which took over the Portuguese public broadcasting service. This museum included three recording studios and its headquarters residing, until the exit of RDP - Portuguese Radio Broadcast in 1990.


The current Radio Palace housed the former Portuguese Museum of Radio since 1992. It was designed with the objective of witnessing the evolution of radio broadcast in Portugal. The museum had one of the most significant collections in Europe, which was distributed over twenty rooms.


The Radio Museum possessed thousands of receptors, sound recording equipment, broadcast equipment, recording media and microphones, also themed rooms, a radio studio from the 50's and even a small auditorium with seating for 30 people.


Filled with history, Radio Palace captivates with its magnificence. Radio Palace Suites will be built on an adjacent property with a more contemporary look, offering elegant innovative appearance to the Lapa district.



The aristocratic heritage of the Lapa neighborhood

The traditional Lapa is one of the most serene areas of Lisbon, a former neighborhood with old palaces where the nobility and the bourgeoisie settled in the XVIII century. Taking its origins since 1770, it is inhabited by 8.000 people today. This is currently a quintessential housing area, but it also maintains an active trading.


It is in this prime area of the capital where many of the embassies and residences of foreign countries are situated, including: Austria, Bulgaria, China, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland and many others.


Also in this neighborhood there is the Palácio de São Bento (Assembly of the Republic) and the official residence of the Prime Minister of Portugal. Many of the old palaces of Lapa have been restored, giving birth to magnificent hotels like the charming hotel `Lapa Palace`. In the cultural area, there is the National Museum of Ancient Art, which contains the largest legacy of public art Portugal.


Radio Palace is located 5 minutes away from the Santos neighborhood, which has become the design district of Lisbon. There are several designer shops, such as Paris-Sete, AR Interiors, Re-Use and Roche Bobois, as well as galleries, museums and spaces of artist cooperation.


IADE building, a famous design school, also does not stay unnoticed to passers-by. Restaurants are also a good reason to travel to Santos, as well as the nightlife, which fills the streets with excitement and youngsters at weekends.